Monday, February 11, 2013

 another recent 2 pages work for MAD.
How to make a good impression on a job interview.( No wonder people dont get jobs)
 also for MAD , about Zombies and their best friends.
 some examples of the most recent Garbage Pail Kids series ( BNS1)

 this one is an old and unpublished Garbage Pail Punk...
from a  not so recent Marx Bros Poster that never got published. Unfortunately...


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  2. the piece at top the Mad Job Interview reminds me of your 70s paintings. Great colors and scene. Those who publish trading cards and stickers, I want to see more Tom Bunk art on trading cards and stickers!

  3. garbage pail kids sind (oder waren?)
    großartig ! vor ewigen 20 jahren gabs die auch mal in deutschland, ich glaube, bei irgendwelchen kaugummis.
    -oder irre ich mich da ?
    egal, cool, die mal wiederzusehen

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